Ian Coffin

Whisky Rocks

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  • Set of 6 hand-carved soapstone whisky rocks
  • Chill whisky or your favorite spirit or wine without diluting
  • Preserve the taste of your drink
  • Comes in the burlap storage  bag

This set of 100% Natural soapstone whisky rocks, hand carved by local artist Ian Coffin, come in a burlap storage bag. Bring out the nuanced flavours in your favourite whisky drink with this brilliantly innovative way to keep beverages cold, yet undiluted. Whisky Rocks are smooth, nonporous soapstone cubes that impart the refreshing chill of regular ice cubes without diluting your drink or bringing the scent if your freezer along with them. Best of all, you can freeze and reuse Whisky Rocks again and again.

Before the first use, rinse and air-dry your Whisky Rocks, and freeze for about 4 hours. Then add three cubes per drink. Swirl, enjoy, then rinse and air dry when you’ve finished. Keep Scotch Rocks beverage-ready by storing them in the freezer within the included bag.

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