Equanimity Soap

Vegan Classic Shave Soap

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There shave pucks weigh in at 120g and measure 7cm (2-3/4”) in diameter; they will fit most lathering bowls, including our exclusive ceramic shave dish from Amy Farkas Small Barch Ceramics.

The unisex scent of this soap is warm & spicy, with a custom blend of bergamot, cedar wood, and cinnamon essential oils. Equanimity Soap Co. makes soap with all natural ingredients and essential oils that respect both the planet and our skin. This classic shave soap is moisturizing, clean rinsing, and beneficial for all skin types.  This classic shave soap has been formulated to lather exceptionally well, and the addition of bentonite clay allows your razor to glide effortlessly along your skin. Prote the your skin and the planet with this natural alternative that will last longer than aerosol cans of shave gel.  

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