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Träume süß Soleseife Spa Bar (Sweet Dreams Himalayan Salt & Goat Milk Bar)

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Soleseife is a traditional German sailor's soap created for and from salt water. These bars have the ability to lather in salt water, and to soften skin that has been exposed to harsh environmental elements (sea, sun, wind). We've used pink Himalayan salt in our brine, which is mineral heavy, used for detoxifying the skin, relieving tired and achy muscles, and promoting relaxation and ' Träume süß' with it's high quantity of magnesium.  Organic goat milk in this formulation is used for its soothing and moisturizing goodness. High in fatty acids and Vitamin A, goat milk is well known for its anti-aging qualities, and for supporting and moisturizing a healthy skin membrane. Notes of lavender and vanilla make this a perfect pre-slumber bar after a long day of sand, sun, work and play.


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