Redtree Synergy

Organic Peppermint Splash Facial Spritz

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Gentle scent of freshly grown mint.

Associated with the heart chakra. Assists in opening the heart.

Suitable for skin types: normal to dry, mature, sensitive.

Helps to refresh face at any time of the day, especially if you are wearing a mask.

Cools & refreshes the skin, especially in hot weather..or warm working conditions, including wearing PPE (mask/shield).

Use as a gentle skin toner after washing face.

Helps for smooth application of moisturizer following a spritz.

Peppermint helps to relieve acne that is red and irritated (use as a compress 2x a day).

Ideal for itching, bug bites, allergic reactions, burning, stings, sunburns

Indicated to also assist with mental clarity, reducing anger & irritability.

directions: Keeping eyes closed, spritz on face morning and night, or throughout the day as needed.

ingredients: superior quality organic peppermint floral water. That's it.
Paraben free.

4oz cobalt glass spray bottle
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