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Organic Cotton Face Cloth

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These knit face cloths are made with 100% natural, organic cotton tape yarn, giving them a unique structure with an open weave that is super absorbent and helps easily wipe cleansers and residue from your face without creating too much friction and risking over exfoliation.

The perfect size for your face; normal washcloths are way too big and risk dragging a wet cloth across your chest, or over your hair and reusable cotton pads are too small to tackle the bigger job of wiping off a full face of foaming cleanser, or cleansing balm. These were designed with your face in mind, and we even added a hanging loop so you can keep your face cloth nearby while letting it dry between uses.

Each face cloth is hand knit by local maker, Nicole Desroches of Pixieations Handmade and Otters & Acorns
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