Redtree Synergy

Organic Chamomile Splash Facial Spritz

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Gentle scent is mild sweet & honey-like.

Associated with the heart chakra. Assists in opening the heart.

Suitable for skin types: normal, mature, sensitive, dry (although not recommended for continued long term daily use on dry skin), ideal for rosacea, acne & redness.

Ideal for babies & children; in baths, spritz on irritated diapered skin.

Helps to refresh face at any time of the day, especially if you are wearing a mask.

Calms the skin.

Use as a gentle skin toner after washing face.

Helps for smooth application of moisturizer following a spritz.

Chamomile helps to calm stress, depression, insomnia, irritation, anger.

Ideal for nursing mothers..spritz on to help cracked, sore nipples.

Indicated to also assist with eye irritations and used as an eye wash/compress for conjunctivitis, eye strain.

directions: Keeping eyes closed, spritz on face morning and night, or throughout the day as needed.

ingredients: superior quality organic roman chamomile floral water. That's it.
Paraben free.
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