The Woven Spirit

Macrame Wall Hanging - 70

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They're making a comeback but these aren't your grandmother's macrame Wall Hangings. Made with a blend of new, reclaimed and recycled fibres, these 100% natural fibre decorative wall hangings are lovingly hand-crafted with the intention to bringing warmth and comfort into your home; each one is unique.

 Products shown in order of Product Number, left to right. Please message after placing your order if you're unsure. Each piece is unique so you're picking the exact item shown.

Teires Gregory, the the talented artist behind The Woven Spirit makes macrame wall decor, plant hangers and other nifty accessories. She uses cotton rope on all of her projects and the majority of her rope is recycled. She also dabbles in making woven tapestries. She uses either smoothed out dowels for her pieces or driftwood found along the beach. Teires began her fibre art journey while on maternity leave. Her daughter was a terrific napper and she wanted to try out a fun project.