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Knit Cotton Hot Pad/Dishcloth

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These 5"x5" squares are knit from 100% natural, OekoTex certified cotton tape yarn, givin them a bit more structure and the pattern gives a bit more texture. Combined these qualities make them just as useful as a hot pad/trivet or as a small cloth for washing dishes.

The structure makes them thick enough to help protect your table from a hot dish, or protect a precious dish from the hard countertop and the textured weave of the knit pattern makes them a great mild abrasive to assist our Lemon Dishwashing Paste in getting your dishes sparkly clean.

Hang it from the convenient corner loop between uses to dry and you can use it as a hot pad for dinner, then clean up that same dish after you're done; just don't switch that order around*!

NOTE: Colours in images do not appear accurately; "Blue" is a darker blue-tinted grey colour, while "Grey" is a lighter neutral grey (IRL the grey actually looks like the picture of the blue)

*Wet material of any kind drastically reduces insulation ability and increases the risk of heat transfer; using this product wet could result in damage to surfaces and/or burns

Otters & Acorns owner/maker, Nicole Desroches, is such a skilled craftsperson that she couldn't fit all of her skills under one brand umbrella. Beginning her crafting with Pixielations making free-play toys and games for children, then expanding into hand-painted peg dolls, she wanted a way to separate her passion for fibre arts from her children's products and launched Otters and Acorns as the home for all things knit, crocheted, woven etc, always using 100% natural fibres so all products are compostable when they've served their purpose.
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