I Luv Coffee

I Luv Coffee Whole Bean Coffee

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3/4lb bag, whole bean coffee

As I sit in a fancy coffee shop in Detroit a beam of white light catches the side of my eye. I can't help but be hipnotized by a neon light sign. It's words put me in a meditative state. A short but powerful expression "Drink good coffee". Good coffee is not just a cold or hot beverage we enjoy in our daily lives. A cup of good coffee is an escape from daily life.

A good cup starts with an aroma and it ends with an exquisite flavour. A good cup takes us somewhere (only for a moment) outside ourselves to recharge our batteries and enjoy a moment in life. As I drink my cup I can't help but feel joyful and relaxed. Good coffee is more than just a drink..... it's an escape, but above all it's an experience