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Happy Belly Oil

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Happy Belly oil is hand-crafted with essential oils

After years of dealing with the pain of her own stomach aches, Jen crafted a serum that is all natural, that she feels good about using on herself, her family and loved ones.

It is made with care and love as she knows how debilitating regular stomach aches, bloating and indigestion can be.

While working to relieve the pain, the synergy of essential oils provide comfort to the senses.

Stomach relief of indigestion, stomach ache, bloating, roll on, natural remedy of essential oils

directions: It creates a slight warming sensation as you rub it into your belly, and helps to relax the tightness felt and help release pain.

ingredients: organic bergamot*, organic basil*, organic roman chamomile*, organic peppermint*, wildcrafted nutmeg and organic ginger root, suspended in jojoba oil

10 ml roll on glass bottle
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