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Countertop Drying Rack
Countertop Drying Rack

Countertop Drying Rack

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When I first started out reusing some of the single-use items I'd previously just thrown out without thinking about it I'd constantly need to move a baggie or a coffee filter off of my wooden spoons so I could cook, which is where the idea for this product came from; a dedicated rack to hold things upside down so they could drip dry between uses.

This compact drying rack is perfect for hanging all of your reusable items to dry after washing/rinsing them out. Whether you're just starting out trying to be more sustainable by washing and reusing your plastic zip-top bags or you're rinsing out a reusable coffee filter, fabric snack bag and a couple small bottles/jars every day you can easily hang six items off of the wooden tines of this compact drying rack and then slide the retaining ring up when you're done to collapse it down to fit in a drawer, although we think it looks nice enough to stay on the counter all the time we do understand that space is a concern, which is why it's slim enough to fit in the utensil drawer next to your rolling pin and that corn kernel remover you only use once a year, or is that just my utensil drawer?

The base, retaining ring, and knob will be cherry, but you can choose between Walnut, Cherry or Maple for the main "block" which holds the hardwood dowel tines. Custom orders are available on request if you'd prefer to choose the type of wood for all parts, except the tines which will always be a light hardwood.