Compressed Facial Rounds

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Greenet is a brand committed to creating products that are sustainable and safe for you and your family. Every product that we create was made with you, Mother Nature, and your health in mind. We believe that the best resources, beauty additives, and nourishment our bodies crave is available directly, right from the outdoors. We hope you will enjoy our Greenet Compressed Facial Sponges!


The Greenet Compressed Facial Sponge is a 100% natural sponge meant for cleansing your facial skin, pores, and appearance. Made from cellulose that was extracted from natural plant pulp and fiber, our sponges are soft and absorbent, gentle to touch, yet firm enough to cleanse all of your facial, neck, and upper back pores.

That’s why our natural facial sponges are the preferred selection by aestheticians today!


Taking up little room in your cabinet or purse, these sponges dilate to 4.92*3.15 inches and 3/8-inches thick when you soak them with water. After you wring the water out, they shrink back down in size, making them a convenient, lightweight, and effortless natural beauty product.


Our Greenet Compressed Facial Sponges are premium professional-grade sponges used for daily facial cleansing.

You can use these sponges to:

· Remove all dirt and toxins from the outside

· Wipe away built up sweat and oils

· Remove all makeup and foundation

· Cleanse your face in the morning before a busy day ahead

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