Emerson Clean!

Citrus Dishwashing Paste

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Made using all-natural, vegetable based, and marine safe ingredients this citrus scented detergent is as tough on grease as it is safe for your family and the environment. The mildly abrasive baking soda helps to both remove tough, stuck on food and eliminate odours.

Simply swipe a damp brush or sponge over the top and start cleaning, or if you prefer a nice sink full of suds you can hold the tin under warm running water and watch the bubbles fill your sink. Note that the scrubbing properties of the baking soda are best used directly on dishes with a sponge, cloth, or brush.

Return the tin to the store when you’re ready for a refill and receive $1.00 off your next tin; due to the nature of the product we are unable to refill directly but will sanitize and reuse the tins.