Full Quiver

Ceramic Spoon - Glazed

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These spoons have an unglazed handle with a glazed bowl; perfect for use with spices or condiments on a charcuterie board, or jam and honey on the breakfast table.

The unglazed portion is food safe, but will stain, so be mindful of that when using with heavily pigmented spices like paprika or turmeric.

Medium spoons are approximately 8" in length with a bowl width of 1-3/4"

Large Spoons are approximately 11" in length with a bowl width of 2-1/2"

Shannon Penner of Full Quiver Designs was gifted two slabs of clay for Christmas one year and what started out as a hobby has turned into a thriving ceramics business. A naturally artistic and creative person, it is no surprise to anyone who knows her that Shannon took to ceramics as well as she did and now has trouble keeping up with demand.

With her daughter “Peanut” and baby Axel at her side, Shannon is spreading her love of art and artistry to the next generation; check in for other one-off pieces including some of Janna’s (Peanut) pinch pots planted with drought tolerant succulents. 

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