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DIY Refresher Block

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Whether you've been using your wraps for a while and they've started to lose their stickiness and you just need to refresh them a bit, or you'd really like to use beeswax wraps but want to do them yourself we've got you covered with our beeswax wrap DIY refresher block. Each package comes with 75g of our special blend of locally sourced beeswax, resin, and oils, enough to keep your wraps going for years to come until the fabric itself wears out, or make approximately five (5) of your own at home.

You can simply grate some of a refresher block onto the wrap that you would like to refresh. Pop it into a low oven for a few minutes and then your wrap will be as good as new. Check under the Info tab for tutorials on refreshing your wraps throughout their life, making them yourself, and other tips and tutorials.

Making your own wraps at home is a great fun and interactive activity for kids to teach them about sustainable options, but sourcing all of the materials and figuring out which recipe to use can be a bit intimidating so we've done all the work for you testing out various formulas and ingredients over the last five years to come up with a blend that we think provides the perfect blend of breathable seal, pliability and stickiness so you can make a product that is actually useful and your kids can be proud to show off in their school lunch everyday and say "I made this!"

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