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Acorn & Oak Whole Bean Coffee

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3/4lb bag, whole bean coffee

Husband and wife team, Dave and Rachel Aziz, operate Acorn & Oak micro-roastery right in Essex, Ontario. Passionate about good coffee, Acorn and Oak's focus is on finding high-quality beans sourced from farmers and producers who are fairly compensated for their superior products. Constantly refining and improving their craft, they have developed a range of complex and satisfying roasts using both blends and single-origin beans. Check out the product selection to see what they have available for you.
Equally important to Dave & Rachel is ensuring that their packaging is environmentally friendly without sacrificing on the quality of their final product. One coffee bag may not seem like a lot but with the amount of coffee consumed annually it can add up to a lot of waste, which is why all Acorn & Oak coffee is packaged in Biotrē coffee bags. Made from renewable resources, and over 60%  backyard compostable, after you remove the degassing valve and closure tie, you can toss the bag in your home composter where it will decompose in just a few months.



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