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14th Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

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1lb bag, whole bean coffee

Warren Rutgers, owner of 14th Coffee Co., is the most consistent sampler and reviewer of his coffee; drinking at least 3 cups daily. A true coffee lover for more than 20 years, over the past 10 years he started sampling and enjoying more artisan micro-roasteries, and in 2016 booked a flight to YVR to tour roasteries, cafes and coffee house's throughout Vancouver and Victoria. It was then that he decided to bring his unique take on delicious, fresh roasted specialty coffee to YQG/Windsor-Essex County and 14th Coffee Co now boasts three signature blends (Espresso, Dark, & Medium Roasts) as well as single origin roasts.

Trained at the manufacturing training facility in Idaho, he uses a state of the art Diedrich Roaster at 14th Coffee Co. at the 14th Coffee Co. 2 acre homestead - where he not only roasts coffee but hosts a stunning AirBNB where guests can watch the magic happen and enjoy the intoxicating aromas of freshly roasted coffee in a setting you have to experience to truly enjoy.

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