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1 | Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

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One Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag 

Skip the flimsy plastic bags. Skip trying to figure out how the roll of bags always seems to be on the other end of the aisle no matter where you are in the store. Skip trying to get that knot undone when you get home so you can do the responsible thing and reuse that flimsy plastic bag even though flimsy plastic bags aren't really all that useful for anything other than transporting bulk goods from the store to your kitchen.

Instead, bring your organic untreated cotton mesh drawstring along and start shopping. Made from mesh fabric with serged seams and cotton twill drawstrings that cinch at the top with enough length to wrap around the neck for a more secure seal to keep smaller items from escaping in transit. 

These bags are the ideal sized companions to your produce trip and when you get home, transfer your purchases to the appropriate spots or you can keep your purchases in the breathable natural cotton bags on the counter or in the fridge. Just shake them out and they're ready for your next shopping trip, and if they do get soiled just run them through the wash and they're ready to use for years to come.

Made entirely from organic cotton, including the materials, thread, and drawstring these are also totally compostable when they reach the end of their life as a bulk bag but definitely consider repairing or patching them if they do wear in places, or giving them a second life in the laundry room or potting shed before sending them to the compost heap.