Environmental Initiatives and Commitments

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When people make purchases from us in person we don't offer a bag unless requested and the bags we use are 100% recyclable paper bags made from post-consumer recycled materials. We can get away with the minimal packaging and being stingy with bags in person because people generally have some way of carrying their purchases, even if that's only their hands.

But it's a bit different with mail; we can't just toss a stamp on your order and throw it in the mail, so we needed to find an option that aligned with our values.

When we discovered NoIssue's compostable corn-based biopolymer mailing pouch, we knew we had a winner. literally, in our hands. We couldn't do any better than them at explaining their product so check out their website here


All of the materials used in our products are purchased from SIMPLIFI FABRICS, a Canadian owned company specializing in organic and eco fabrics. Our products are made exclusively with organic unbleached, undyed cotton. Other products, made with organic dyed and printed cotton, linen, etc meet the Oeko-Tex standard and are processed in a closed loop system.

For more information on the processes and benefits of organic fabrics, check out the info page on our supplier's website: https://www.simplififabric.com/pages/organic-cotton

Our reusable baggies are made with a polyurethane laminated organic cotton from Wazoodle. This ultra-durable material is food safe and produced with the minimum possible environmental impact.

Additionally, all of our 100% natural beeswax is sourced from small local apiaries and refined by Canadian Heritage Candles in Amherstburg Ontario. The oils used are 100% organic cold-pressed and we use a pure tree resin sourced from India and refined using a centuries old technique.

Shop Local

When it comes to choosing the products we carry in-store, we start close to home. As mentioned above, a number of the products we sell are made in-house, but in addition to that, we support a number of artists and artisans local to the Windsor-Essex County area, many of whom offer exclusive products for Emerson Supply Co.

When choosing local makers to partner with, we like working with other makers to help update their processes to incorporate more sustainable options and reduce their business' overall environmental impact. Many of our vendors have switched to more sustainable materials and packaging for the items they produce for the store and ended up adopting those practices across their brand.

Additionally, we believe that everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for the time, skill, and materials that go into the items they produce, and encourage all of our vendors to reflect the true value of their products on the price tag.


Most of the products available in the store are made by Canadian companies, often in Ontario, but being made close to home isn't the only consideration; we aim to offer the highest quality products, with minimal impact on the environment, so we do a lot of research before choosing which brands to work with.

We won't sell you a product we wouldn't use or haven't already used ourselves. We understand that the more sustainable option is often more expensive than the conventional choice and we've been disappointed ourselves when the quality of a product didn't match the price paid. So, we strive to only choose products made with the highest quality materials intended to last.

There's an old saying used by mechanics that Dan’s *other* grandfather is often quoted as saying; "Buy once, cry once." The meaning is, essentially, that you should avoid buying cheap things, and instead invest in a high-quality item that will stand the test of timeThe best way to reduce waste is to choose products you never have to throw away.

That being said, a low price doesn’t always mean low quality. We strive to find the best products at reasonable prices and you can trust that you're getting a product we stand behind, no matter the cost.