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Environmental Initiatives and Commitments


When people make purchases from us in person we don't offer a bag unless requested and the bags we use are 100% recyclable paper bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. We can get away with the minimal packaging and being stingy with bags in person because people generally have some way of carrying their purchases, even if that's only their hands, but it's a bit different with mail; we can't just toss a stamp on your order and throw it in the mail, so we needed to find an option that aligned with our values. 

Bubble mailers were out from the start, we weren't going to wrap your reusable alternatives to single use plastics in a single-use plastic lined envelope. We considered using cardboard sleeve mailers, at least they were made from natural fibres and compostable, but we were seriously concerned about the environmental impacts of their production, some using virgin fibres or harsh chemical inks and glues. There are some options out there made using sustainable practices, but they are company-specific and required us to commit to a specific shipping partner.

Then we discovered NoIssue's compostable corn-based biopolymer mailing pouch and we knew we had a winner. literally, in our hands. We couldn't do any better than them at explaining their product so check out their website here 


We are currently transitioning to a new supplier and will continue to use our existing stock of fabrics until they run out but, moving forward, all of the materials used in our products will be purchased from SIMPLIFI FABRICS, a Canadian owned company specializing in organic and eco fabrics. This begins with our beeswax wraps, beeswax bags, bulk bags and produce bags, which will now be made exclusively with organic unbleached undyed cotton and will soon apply to our facial wipes, unPaper towels and coffee filters as well. Other products will be made with organic dyed cottons the meet the Oeko-Tex standard and are processed in a closed loop system. 

For more information on the processes and benefits of organic fabrics, check out the info page on our new supplier's website: https://www.simplififabric.com/pages/organic-cotton

Additionally, specific to the beeswax wraps and bags, all of our 100% natural beeswax is sourced from small local apiaries and refined by Canadian Heritage Candles in Amherstburg Ontario, the oils used are 100% organic cold-pressed and we use a pure tree resin sourced from India and refined using a centuries old technique.