ōTH Pure Body Care

Classic Mint Tooth Powder

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Reawaken your brushing routine with 100% Natural Tooth Powder. Ditch the plastic tube and have some fun with the signature dropper bottle. Designed with refill in mind, once you have your dropper bottle all you need are refill packets to keep your teeth squeaky clean.

Powder not Paste…not so sure? We totally understand. Most of us have grown up thinking that a mouth full of foamy minty paste is the way to get teeth their cleanest. We challenge that notion. You don’t need foaming agents to polish your teeth, nor do you need glycerine or tryclosan or any other preservative to help you clean your teeth. You need gentle abrasives, bacteria fighting elements and mineral rich ingredients.

ōTH’s unique formula imparts a minty note to leave your mouth refreshed and a salty note to help combat those bad breath, plaque causing bacteria.

ōTH’s signature dropper bottle allows you to apply the desired amount of Tooth Powder directly on your brush - no double dipping!

Dampen your brush before the powder
Point your bristles to the sky
• Keep the glass tip dry,
be sure to avoid touching wet bristles to glass tip (if it clogs, just poke free with a clean toothpick).
Close bottle tightly to keep moisture out

✈︎ TRAVEL FRIENDLY! Tooth Powder is the perfect solution for your carry on bag. No liquid, no issue.


There are no sweeteners in ōTH Tooth Powder. It may take a few days of use to adapt to the new taste.

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