Redtree Synergy

Sweet Dreams Home & Linen Spray

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Sweet Dreams Spray is gentle for children and adults.

Hand-crafted with organic lavender*, rose, and organic clary sage*; all of these oils have such amazing aromatic benefits on the central nervous system.

This was originally created for Redtree Synergy owner Jen's daughter to help with difficulties falling and remaining asleep. She now sprays this on her linens and pillow just before she crawls under her covers adn feels it helps her have a more restful sleep. Jen also finds herself spraying it on her own body when tucking her daughter into bed, as the synergy of scents is very calming.

Recommended for kids and adults

ingredients: distilled water, organic lavender*, rose, and organic clary sage*

8oz. spray bottle
PET plastic round amber bottle
(so if a little one has access to it,
               there is less worry of breakage)
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