Otters & Acorns

Jute Dish Scrubbie

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These hand-knit jute dish scrubbers are based on the shape and size of the synthetic abrasive pads that have become ubiquitous in kitchens around the globe. The natural jute texture provides an excellent non-marking abrasion to remove some of the most stubborn, stuck-on food. Unlike most other dish scouring pads these are 100% natural and can go straight into the compost at end-of-life.


Otters & Acorns owner/maker, Nicole Desroches, is such a skilled craftsperson that she couldn't fit all of her skills under one brand umbrella. Beginning her crafting with Pixielations making free-play toys and games for children, then expanding into hand-painted peg dolls, she wanted a way to separate her passion for fibre arts from her children's products and launched Otters and Acorns as the home for all things knit, crocheted, woven etc, always using 100% natural fibres so all products are compostable when they've served their purpose.

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