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Floor Care

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Missed your mouth with that Merlot? Not to worry, Nellie’s to the rescue! Our Floor Care was made for those “oops” moments.

Made from a plant-based formula, our Floor Care provides exceptional cleaning power against household dirt and odors. Best of all, this cleaner is biodegradable and contains no harsh chemicals, phosphates, or strong perfumes. It does, however, leave an incredibly refreshing, natural lemongrass scent.

Great for hardwood, tile, ceramic, and more. To use, add a 1:3 ratio of Floor Care to water. You can use this floor cleaner with a regular ol’ mop, just dilute in a bucket with warm water or mix and add to the reservoir of your favourite spray mop.


Why glass? Glass is endlessly recyclable and eventually turns into sand. Unlike plastic, it won’t harm our oceans or marine life. For the sake of our planet, please reuse or repurpose this bottle before you recycle.

700mL Glass Bottle

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