Amy Farkas Small Batch Ceramics

Ceramic Match Striker

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The beauty of these hand crafted ceramic match strikers lies in their simplicity. A functional piece of art on your mantle or near your favourite candles or incense, simply store your matches in the central cup and strike on the integral unglazed rim to ignite; it truly couldn’t be any easier. 

As there are limited quantities we can’t guarantee which exact item you will receive. Please contact us after placing your order to receive images of the available options to choose from; otherwise we will pick one for you. Don’t worry, they’re all gorgeous!

Amy Farkas, the talented creator behind Amy Farkas Small Batch Ceramics, began her ceramics journey working with the word famous potter, John Dix at his studio in Sasayama Japan. Since moving back to Canada just over a decade ago she's continued her journey with the Barn Studio, as well as setting up a private studio at home where she applies her unique design aesthetic to the gorgeous pieces she creates.