Beeswax Food Storage

A form of beeswax soaked fabric was used as a food cover and preservative in seventh century Egypt after their domestication of bees but beeswax has been used in some form as a food preservative for much longer than that. Beeswax has been used to coat cheese and seal jars of preserves, not only because it creates a seal, but also because the antimicrobial properties of the propolis found in beeswax inhibits the growth of bacteria, delaying spoilage and preventing food waste. Time-after-time we’ve found that food stored in beeswax wraps and bags lasts longer and stays fresher than  conventional methods of short-term food storage.

All of our beeswax food storage products are made using organic unbleached cotton, locally sourced beeswax, and a special blend of organic oil and resin. The antimicrobial properties of both the beeswax and one of the oils make these a great option to assist in prevention food spoilage, while the resin and oil blend makes them pliable, even when they're cold, and allows them to stick to a bowl, a plate, or themselves in a similar manner to plastic wrap.

As with any of our products intended to come in direct contact with food, we only use organic unbleached cotton for our wraps, so the locally sourced beeswax lends a pale sun-dappled yellow glow to the light natural colour of the cotton to greet you with a bit of sunshine every time you open the fridge.