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  • In The Beginning

    In The Beginning

    The story of two boys who fell in love... with our planet!

    In 1989 Tessa and William Hill started a nonprofit called Kids for Saving Earth as a tribute to their son Clint. When Clint was 10 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour that eventually took his life, but believing his illness was caused by the effects of pollution on our environment, he spent the remainder of his short life trying to make a difference, gathering other kids at his school together for a common cause of "saving the earth."

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  • Invest in Quality, Invest in the Future

    Invest in Quality, Invest in the Future
    Fast-fashion has become a common buzz word within the zero-waste and environmental community but the average person, who may even bring their own reusable shopping bag to carry their purchases rather than taking a single-use plastic bag, doesn't think twice about the environmental impact of the pants or shirt they're buying.
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