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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day One

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day One
    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide:

    “For the Beard” Collection

    Everything you need to grow and maintain your beard over the winter!

    Here we have;
    Beard Brush, Hair & Beard Scissors and
    Safety Razor and Leather Sheath from Rockwell Razors
    Last Swab Basic from Last Object
    Jute Exfoliating Tawashi from Otters & Acorns
    Savon Gel Crème Facial Cleanser from Equanimity Soap
    Horse Hair Shaving Brush from Vie Long

    Also available in store, we have the intoxicating scent of Equanimity’s Vegan Shave Soap designed just for us using bentonite clay to provide a smooth & clean shave, which pairs beautifully with a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic Shave Soap Dish produced exclusively for Emerson Supply Co by Amy Farkas Small Batch Ceramics

    Or give the gift of the luxurious Moroccan Black Soap from Equanimity Soap as an alternate natural shaving aid that doubles as a deeply moisturizing, and mildly exfoliating, facial cleanser.

    With new products arriving daily, stop in and see what other great options we have to help tame (or get rid of) your favourite guy’s unruly facial hair.
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