December 23, 2020

2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Five

2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Five
Conscious vessels Ōth Pure Body Care Gift Guide

Ōth Pure Body Care  advocates for a toxin-free life. They promise to provide better alternatives to care for our bodies that are made with pure ingredients, no toxic chemicals for conscious vessels.

Featured here we have :
Lotion Bar
Tooth Powder with refills available
Bamboo Tooth Brush
Mulberry Silk Floss &
Herbal Oat Milk Bath

If you're looking for more sustainable bathroom swaps add our Last Swab reusable swabs for cleaning and makeup application, Organic Cotton facial Tawashi from Otters & Acorns, refillable Oneka Elements Body Lotion lotion and compressed facial rounds from Greenet

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