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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Five

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Five
    Conscious vessels Ōth Pure Body Care Gift Guide

    Ōth Pure Body Care  advocates for a toxin-free life. They promise to provide better alternatives to care for our bodies that are made with pure ingredients, no toxic chemicals for conscious vessels.

    Featured here we have :
    Lotion Bar
    Tooth Powder with refills available
    Bamboo Tooth Brush
    Mulberry Silk Floss &
    Herbal Oat Milk Bath

    If you're looking for more sustainable bathroom swaps add our Last Swab reusable swabs for cleaning and makeup application, Organic Cotton facial Tawashi from Otters & Acorns, refillable Oneka Elements Body Lotion lotion and compressed facial rounds from Greenet
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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Four

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Four
    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide:

    Sustainable Pantry Collection

    We have a wonderful selection of natural products for around the kitchen.

    Featured today we have

    A selection of salts produced byTidal Salt using sea saltharvested from St George’s Bay in the Northumberland Strait between PEI and Nova Scotia
    A birch charcuterie board,
    Organic cotton beeswax bag &
    Natural dishwashing paste made by Emerson Supply Co
    Nellie’s One Soap
    Compostable wood cellulose sponge by Kliin Co
    Organic cotton bulk/produce bags &
    Natural Fiber dish brush with replacement head from La Droguerie Écologique and
    Soapstone Whisky Rocks hand carved by local artist Ian Coffin

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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Three

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Three
    Today’s gift guide is important because it actually features part the reason why I’m able to stay open as an essential business as we enter lockdown in Windsor Essex County.

    When I launched the store it was always my intention to have a wide selection of natural, reusable, and refillable options for home and personal care. I’ve now achieved that to the point that the variety of products available at the store allows me to qualify as essential; you can shop our selection of cleaning products (some of which are featured below) as well as personal care and hygiene products all made with sustainability in mind.

    Follow us on Instagram for updates on expanded hours to allow us to serve more people in the lead-up to Christmas, while maintaining the safety standards you expect from the businesses you shop at this year.

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide:

    Clean Freak Collection

    We have a great selection of natural cleaning products to choose from. Keep your home safe from germs and harsh chemicals with the help of Nellies!

    Featured here we have:

    Compressed wood cellulose sponge &
    Chic Design Swede Cloth from Kliin Organic
    Replaceable head vegetable fibre dish brush from La Droguerie Ecologique
    Organic Cotton Unpaper towels from Emerson Supply Co
    Jute Dish Tawashi from Otters & Acorns
    Floor Care,
    One Soap &
    All Purpose Cleaner from Nellie's
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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Two

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day Two
    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide:

    Way of Will Collection

    The best essential oil based personal care items for anyone on your list!

    These products from Way of Will make a perfect gift for under the tree or a delightful stocking stuffer!

    Featured here are;

    Serum for Normal to Sensitive Skin
    Facial Cleanser for All Skin Types
    Facial Toner for Normal to Sensitive Skin and
    Deodorant Spray in Grapefruit & Lavender

    Also shown are our Emerson Supply Co Makeup Remover Wipes, specially designed to help remove makeup, and made with organic cotton flannel and terry in black so you never have to ruin a washcloth with mascara again; just rinse & reuse then run through the laundry in a wash bag when they need a deeper clean and save all of those disposable pads from ending up in the trash.

    Come into the store to sample the range of scents available in both the deodorant spray and baking-soda-free stick deodorant and be sure to check out the Essential Sensitive Skin Face Oil, made with Frankincense and Borage; perfect to protect their skin from everything winter is about to throw at them.
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  • 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day One

    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide - Day One
    2020 Sustainable Gift Guide:

    “For the Beard” Collection

    Everything you need to grow and maintain your beard over the winter!

    Here we have;
    Beard Brush, Hair & Beard Scissors and
    Safety Razor and Leather Sheath from Rockwell Razors
    Last Swab Basic from Last Object
    Jute Exfoliating Tawashi from Otters & Acorns
    Savon Gel Crème Facial Cleanser from Equanimity Soap
    Horse Hair Shaving Brush from Vie Long

    Also available in store, we have the intoxicating scent of Equanimity’s Vegan Shave Soap designed just for us using bentonite clay to provide a smooth & clean shave, which pairs beautifully with a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic Shave Soap Dish produced exclusively for Emerson Supply Co by Amy Farkas Small Batch Ceramics

    Or give the gift of the luxurious Moroccan Black Soap from Equanimity Soap as an alternate natural shaving aid that doubles as a deeply moisturizing, and mildly exfoliating, facial cleanser.

    With new products arriving daily, stop in and see what other great options we have to help tame (or get rid of) your favourite guy’s unruly facial hair.
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